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About Us

Marine Brokers A/S was established in 1961 in Oslo Norway and has been family owned and operated since the beginning. The company specializes in consultancy and advisory for the shipping industry, participates in limited partnerships, investments and more.

Consultancy and Advisory

We can help you gather market information, Port information, and set you in contact with agents. We have extensive, world-wide experience in deepsea shipping, logistics and supply chain, finance and lending.

Owner Representation

Marine Brokers has expanded to the U.S. East Coast with an office in Charlotte NC and are ready to represent your company in The Carolinas, and beyond. Should it be on-sight representation for a period of time or a more prolonged assignment, we can be there to assist you and look after your interests.

Agency work

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in sales, marketing, customer service and documentation, operations, logistics and transport. Please contact us for further information on how we can help you excel further.

Export financing

We have great knowledge of and experience with the Norwegian Government Export Financing Scheme. If you need help or advise on how to apply for possible Export Financing from Norway, be it fixed Commercial Interest Reference Rates (CIRR) set by the OECD, or floating interest rates, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Marine Brokers are closely associated with the tank owner operators Logix SA in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Crosstrade Ltd, B.V.I. Through our association we can provide first class ISO tank containers for long-term leasing at good rates. The containers are built in China.

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