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Marine Brokers are closely associated with the tank owner operators Logix SA in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Crosstrade Ltd, B.V.I. , who provides first class ISO tank containers for long-term leasing.


The containers are made from stainless steel AISI 316 and has a capacity of apx 24.000 liters. The tanks are straight cylindrical (ø 2355 mm) and 5800mm in length. For bottom discharge there is a 3” flange, two 3” machined butterfly valves and a male screw thread 3” BSP with cap. Working pressure is 1.76 Bar and test pressure 2.64 Bar. The tank container standard is ASME – section VIII. Dimensions with standardized tolerances. ISO 1496-3 Standard. Carbon steel corner posts, and reinforced with epoxy bas and polyurethane paint.